Have I told you lately…

Well, well, well.. The day is here and it’s just as hard as the last time. We who suffer from Bipolar disorder deal with waves. Waves of mood swings. Some days I feel like I have literal super powers. The other days I am dragging around my lifeless body… And no emotion feels like the last.. I tell myself if I could prep for this, remember how I got out of the last bout of depression or Mania then it wouldn’t hurt so bad the next time that wave comes… The wave is here and I feel like shit.. I feel like my boat is filling with water.. I don’t want to drown, I am trying to find the strength to swim.. God knows it’s hard BUT I don’t come here and type my heart out just to do it.. I do this with hopes that someone, somewhere will read this and know they are not alone. I UNDERSTAND.. I AM THERE.. BUT I AM HERE TO


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